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Traditional Farm Practices of rare medicinal and uncommon trees

Different types of Irrigation systems like drip, Sprinkler, Micro Sprinkler, Rain gun, Flood Gun

Poly house & green house for different type of cultivation

Demonstration of Solar Pump running through sun

Windmill demonstration and hybrid systems to generate Power from natural resources like Sun and Wind

Biogas plant to generate cooking gas from the organic waste of the land

Biomass Gasifier to generate power from biowaste available from land

A museum displaying some antiques

A swimming Pool for kids and elders to enjoy

A 25 seater conference room with all amenities for companies to held seminars

Tree House

Jungle Room

Oxygen Park

Steam Engine

Gravity Dam with water falls

Well and Water Ponds

Traditional Farm Implements

Cycle Power for irrigation and Power generation

Biomass Pellet from Farm waste

Vermicomposting Plant

A wind turbine works in opposite principle of a fan. Instead of using electricity to get wind, a turbine uses wind to generate electricity. The Electricity produced is used for lighting.

Biomass gasification is a thermo-chemical conversion process in which solid biomass reacts with air, producing gas that can be used to generate electricity. Dry Organic waste like leaves, branches, coconut shells are used in gasifier
Cycle power

Bicycle Pedal power is the transfer of energy by cycling to generate Electricity. It can also be used for pumping water from one source to another.
Biogas plant

Biogas plant which converts wet organic waste, food waste and cowdung to produce gas which can be used as an alternative for LPG.

A prototype of a small Masonary Dam is constructed for storage of water which is utilized for irrigation purposes.
Solar power

Solar panels generate free power by converting sunlight to electricity with no moving parts, zero emissions, and no maintenance.

A collection of artifacts and objects of Electronic, Scientific and artistic importance are available for public viewing.
Irrigation Systems

Various types of Irrigation systems shown in practice like drip irrigation, Sprinkler, Micro Sprinkler, Rain gun, Flood Irrigation.
Pellet Machine

Saw dust, grass, Sugarcane bagasse and other dry waste from the farm is being converted to pellets to replace LPG.
Milind Baug - Agri Tourism
A Creative Project by Shri Mohan Jadhav